Because toys are good medicine too!

TAF Birthday Club

We understand the significance of each birthday while battling childhood cancer and want to celebrate with your family by giving your brave fighter a special gift.  

As we move into 2015 we have decided to make some changes to the TAF Birthday Club Program. Rather than send gifts directly to patients homes we will now be sending gift sets to participating hospitals to be made available for patients for their birthday.  To commemorate Tucker's red wagon journey we are returning to giving away toys from Tucker's Toybox in the hospital through the support of the oncology social services and/or child life specialist.  This will make our Birthday Club program easier to participate in and readily available.   

If your child is having a birthday please request a TAF Birthday Club Gift from Tucker's Toybox from your social worker or child life specialist.  If your hospital is not currently participating in the program please download the gift request form and submit it to your social worker or child life specialist.  (Updated Gift Request Form Coming Soon! Please send us your email address and we will send you the form as soon as it becomes available.)

"Ryker received his birthday present yesterday!! It was good timing, he has a rough week and it made him smile." Kambria Carr

"You guys have a great program. This made a nice surprise for the patients/families who came to get their chemo yesterday. " Jeff Barrett, MSW, LCSW Hematology/Oncology Social Worker - Children's Hospital Alabama